What’s New in Amberleigh?

What’s New in Amberleigh?

What’s New in Amberleigh?




What’s New in Amberleigh?

By Karen Tokarsky, homeowner



Annual meeting?

Amberleigh’s annual Homeowner’s Association meeting was set for June but due to the COVID-19 restrictions on public gatherings, a virtual meeting is rescheduled for October 29 at 7 p.m.  A mailing will go out in the coming weeks with information about the election of officers and other business so please watch the mailbox.  Due to the speed at which things are changing these days, it is best to check here on the Amberleigh website (www.amberleigh.org) and our Facebook page for the latest news.


Community Spirit

No doubt about it, this pandemic has been awful!  However, in the midst of it all there have been signs of support and great community spirit.   Thanks to Meg Ver Straten’s leadership and ingenuity, an alternate egg hunt was created which was a bright spot for many Amberleigh children this spring.  Several families expressed their gratitude for this new spin on our annual event which took place in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks, Meg!  In addition, we have been cheered by the jokes written on storm doors, chalk greetings on sidewalks, and scavenger hunts for children.  It’s clear that Amberleigh is a resilient group of people pulling together to support one other and those on the front lines.  Thanks, and keep it up, neighbors!


Watch out for those Mowers!

We’ve been fortunate that during this pandemic our community’s landscaping company has continued to give our neighborhood the care it deserves. While the workers are taking proper precautions by following social distancing guidance, they are finding other challenges as they do their work. Having much of the community at home during the day means more dog walkers, more parked cars, and more people running and walking through the neighborhood.  Because the mowers shoot grass out quite a distance, the crew is forced to shut them down when someone passes by.  It would be helpful to cross the street.  Please be sure to give them even more than six feet of social distancing clearance!  Also, that strip of grass between parking lots and sidewalks is impossible to mow if cars are parked over it so please take note and avoid pulling in and blocking that area.  Taking these little steps will make the work of our grounds crew much easier.  It’s a sign of a strong community.


Annual Community Inspection

Although COVID-19 put the brakes on some normal practices, the annual architectural compliance inspections will resume shortly. The primary focus this year will be the rear yards.  To avoid receiving a violation notice,  please take this time while the weather is still good to make sure gutters are in good shape and attached properly, facia and trim boards are painted, power-wash siding if needed, decks and fences are in study shape, and the yards are cleared of general debris and/or overgrown trees/bushes.  CAMP’s inspector will be identified by CAMP clothing and a badge.  Taking care of these routine maintenance items keeps Amberleigh looking good. Thank you!


House Beautiful?

We’ve all been hanging out at home more than usual in recent months. Many have taken a closer look and decided to make some home improvements.  That’s a great way to boost our economy and put stimulus payments to use.  Just remember that before making changes to the exterior of your home, you need to make sure those changes are in line with our covenants and approved by Amberleigh’s Architectural Review Committee (ARC). 

The approval process:

  1. First, get a copy of the Architectural Modification form from the Amberleigh website (amberleigh.org) or from the management company (http://www.gocampmgmt.com) and provide all the details of the planned changes along with pictures, drawings, color choices, etc. as appropriate.
  2. Submit that documentation to CAMP staff who will review the application to make sure it is complete (Pmiles@gocampmgmt.com)
  3. CAMP will request clarification or additional information, if needed.
  4. CAMP sends the completed packet electronically to the Architectural Review Committee; the ARC usually reaches a decision within two weeks.
  5. CAMP then notifies the homeowner of the approval or limitations established by the ARC.
  6. Once the project is approved, the work to beautify your home can begin! These upgrades and improvements will be a silver lining resulting from our time at home.


Moving forward

As the summer has become the fall, we continue to find ways to navigate the “new normal”.  It has not been easy but we are learning, connecting, and getting work done despite the challenge of doing these things remotely.  So, take heart, stay safe, and I hope to “see” all you neighbors at the annual meeting!