Community Update March 18, 2020

Community Update March 18, 2020

Community Update March 18, 2020

March 18, 2020

Dear Members:

Due to COVID-19, and to comply with both Federal and Local mandates, the Franconia Moose Lodge has suspended their operation until further notice.  Accordingly, the Board meeting scheduled for March 26th has been cancelled.

As we have limited facilities, the first quarter is often a light agenda or addresses non-essential issues.  Such is the case for this month.  However, in that the virus and information concerning the virus is evolving on almost a daily basis – we will keep you informed about any potential on-line meetings that may occur so that you can dial in and participate if desired.  As of this writing, future events such as the Spring Egg Hunt are cancelled.  We will promptly advise when activities can resume.

Though we are sending this communication by first class mail – future updates will be done via the website, Facebook, and blast email (we retain your email when you register for the website).

Right now, both landscaping and trash removal continue on their regular schedules.

CAMP employees will remain available to assist you via telephone and email. We recognize that the response to some issues will have to be determined at that time – but we and CAMP remain committed to providing you with the most responsive service possible under the circumstances.

We ask for your patience and cooperation to minimize the potential risk to everyone involved.  Although the Board will not be meeting publicly at this time, we are seeking alternative measures so that you can remain informed and we can maintain the business of the Association.

You may reach CAMP’s customer service at 855-477-CAMP (2267) or the Fairfax office at 703-821-2267.

Once again, we thank you as we work through this difficult period together 9in all our lives.



Amberleigh Board of Directors