Approved Minutes for the March 2018 HOA Board Meeting

Approved Minutes for the March 2018 HOA Board Meeting

Approved Minutes for the March 2018 HOA Board Meeting

Approved March 2018 Minutes


Thursday, March 29, 2018

Franconia Moose Lodge



John McMahon, Linda Esah, Greg Melenchen, and Mike Jones were in attendance.  Meg Ver Straten and Joe McCormack were absent. Lisa Puma, Concierge and Lana Reynolds of CAMP were present.


  1. The meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm


  1. Owner’s Forum
    1. No owners were present for forum.
    2. It was discussed to post a refresher on the website and Facebook on how/when to take out trash and prevent it from flying around.


  1. Action Item: Approval of February 2018 Meeting Minutes.
    1. John McMahon moved to approve the minutes and Linda Esah seconded. The motion was approved unanimously.


  1. Action Item: Approval of Tennis Court Replacement.
    1. Greg Melenchen prepared a spread sheet of the two court options. Discussions centered on the type of tennis court to install;  standard court or the cushioned system previously installed.  It was determined that a standard court had only a one year warranty while the cushioned court had a 25 year warranty and was more cost effective.
    2. No motions were made.
    3. The item was tabled pending approval from State Farm insurance company.


  1. Action Item: Dog Trash Bins
    1. Mike Jones motioned and John McMahon seconded the approval to purchase 10 dog trash bins (with signs) at a cost of no more than $205 per bin.
    2. Notes:
      1. The board will only install 5 of the dog trash bins with locations to be determined. The other 5 dog trash bins will be stored in the board’s trailer for future use.
      2. John Hughes will pick-up the trash from the dog bins at a rate of $50 a week.


  1. Action Item:Date Change – Annual Meeting.
    1. The date has been changed to June 7th pending availability at Moose Lodge. The board’s May meeting will take place on the 24th.
    2. A “Call for Candidates” will be sent to owners on April 2nd.
    3. On April 20th, the nominations are due.


  1. Discussion Item: Online “Owners Only Discussion Forum” – VP Melenchen
    1. No motion was made.
    2. Notes:
      1. In the February board meeting, the Communications Committee report from its February meeting included a discussion of this topic such as outlining questions and concerns that would need to be addressed.
      2. The Communications Committee has taken on the task to develop a proposal for a discussion forum on the website in conjunction with Greg Melenchen and will present that to the board when ready.
  • Discussion on board members posting on public websites where they would be recognized as a member of the board.
    1. The Community Associations Institute considers online posts by board members using their real name can be considered as coming from their respective board.
    2. Board members could consider posting under a pseudonym so anything posted is not taken as direction from the board.
    3. If online posts are factual and are not expressing an opinion, President Mike Jones does not have an issue with it.
    4. Though the board strongly recommends thinking twice before posting something if it reflects negatively on the board and/or the community.


  1. Committee Reports:
    1. Architectural Compliance/Modification: Mike Jones, Chair, Meg Ver Straten, and AJ Shed.
      1. No Report.
    2. Communications Committee: Joe McCormack, co-Chair, John McMahon, co-Chair, and Linda Esah.
      1. No Report.
    3. Social/Activities Committee:  Meg Ver Straten, Chair.
      1. No Report.
    4. Grounds/Tree Committee:  Greg Melenchen, Chair, and John McMahon
      1. The committee recommends a “spring refresh”, new mulch and tackling of down tree limbs. Will propose work in April meeting.
    5. Rules Review Committee:  Mike Jones, Chair, and John McMahon


  1. Ad Hoc Committee Reports:
    1. Nominations Committee: Mike Jones, Chair, Greg Melenchen, and Linda Esah.


  1. Management Report Additional, if any: Lana Reynolds, CAMP and Lisa Puma, Concierge
    1. Review of the reserve study.
      1. The board discussed the amount allocated for maintenance and upkeep according to the previous reserve study. Then CAMP and Concierge discussed the recent reserve study and how it diverged from the initial reserve study.
      2. It was proposed to have the reserve table engineer meet with the asphalt contractor at the community to review their differing opinions on the scope of what needs to be addressed so that the reserve study and repair needs are consistent..
  • Additionally, it was discussed to review when the remaining streets will get new asphalt. It was requested that any street not getting new asphalt this year, but which needs new white striping for parking spaces, has money allocated to repaint the white striping. A proposal for that work will be submitted in the future.


  1. Executive Session –There was no Executive Session.


  1. Adjournment – The Board adjourned at 8:58 p.m.