Amberleigh offers a uniquely pleasant and peaceful living experience for its residents. The community provides a wide variety of amenities that cater to a variety of resident lifestyles. For families, Amberleigh has the space and equipment that allow families to bond and grow such as numerous well-appointed playgrounds with ample green space.

And for four-legged friends, Amberleigh is one of the few communities in Fairfax County that provides a large, fenced dog park.

For individuals with active lifestyles, the community maintains a full-size basketball court, a volleyball court, private streets for bike riding, and several nature trails that promote a healthy lifestyle. Below is a complete list of Amberleigh amenities:

  • Basketball Court
  • Dog Park
  • Three Playgrounds
  • Nature Trail
  • Unassigned parking
  • RV Storage Lot 
  • Trash and Recycling Pick-Up
  • Volleyball Court
  • Walking Path to Franconia-Springfield Transportation Center
  • Bus Service


Springleigh Playground:

Location:  At the end of Springleigh Way.

Description: Two playground sets, which contain monkey bars, swings, slides, rock wall, and park benches. Nearby grass and hills offer additional room for play and other activities. The play areas are outfitted wood chips that allow children to run and fall on a cushioned surface

Greenleigh Playground:

Location:  Intersection of Greenleigh and Crestleigh Way

Description: This play area contains monkey bars, swings, slides, and park benches. Additionally, there’s a volleyball court nearby and a basketball court. The play area has wood chips as a base layer to cushion falls.

Windridge Playground:

Location:  Near the intersection of Brickleigh Court and Casperson Road

Description: A playground set which contains monkey bars, swings, slides, and park benches. Nearby is a large open grass field for games and other fun activities. The playground set is cushioned by wood chips that allow children to run and fall on something that would soften any impact. 

Dog Park:

Location and Description: Located in the middle of Birchleigh Way is a large fenced-in dog park available to Amberleigh residents. The park is frequented by many residents with dogs of a variety of sizes. Benches are provided for residents. The entire park is lines with wood chips to allow dogs to easily run around.

RV Storage Lot:

Location: Along Crestleigh Way near Overleigh Lane

One of the benefits of living in our community is the availability of a storage lot located next to the basketball and tennis court at the intersection of Crestleigh Way and Overleigh Lane. 

This lot:

  • Provides a place for residents to store large items such as boats and trailers;
  • Discourages residents from storing these items in parking stalls (which is already prohibited);
  • Eases parking congestion throughout our community by utilizing paved space where parking is at a deficit.

Residnets must be authorized to park an item in the storage lot. There is a $400 annual fee for doingso and lot usage is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please see the link to the application form below.

In order to use the storage lot, please:

  • Complete the form; and
  • Submit the required documents described on the form.

Please understand that space is limited and is granted on a first-come basis. Unregistered or non-compliant items will be removed without further notice.

If you have any questions, please contact the management agent.

Basketball Court & Tennis Court:

Location:  along Crestleigh Way across from Overleigh Lane

A basketball court and single tennis court is available to residents. Both children and adults can be frequently seen using the facilities.