Amendment to Amberleigh Governing Documents

Amendment to Amberleigh Governing Documents

Amendment to Amberleigh Governing Documents




Dear Amberleigh Owners: 

Amberleigh HOA was formed 29 years ago. Although the laws governing community associations have changed, we have never amended our documents to be consistent with the current provisions of Virginia State statutes that have been enacted over the years. Accordingly, Amberleigh no longer has the authority to take actions to address a variety of issues that are either requested by Owners or otherwise beneficial to the Association. On many of these issues, our current recourse is often limited to costly and protracted legal measures. 

The Board is prepared to undertake a substantial effort to amend Amberleigh’s Governing Documents in the most cost effective and timely means. However, this will require a genuine commitment on the part of ALL owners. We are required by our current Documents to have the concurrence of 75% of all owners, not homes, to make changes to our nearly thirty year-old documents. That means that if an estimated two people own each home within Amberleigh, we are required to get the approval of 731 owners (2 X 487 homes – if there are more or less titled owners we will need 75% of that number). 

Before expending funds to pursue the document amendment, the Board is requesting your input through the attached survey. The 1 page, 6 questions survey items include issues that have been requested by owners. Legal counsel must be provided with general ideas of issues to modify the current language for the Association to function smoothly in the future. 

We thank you in advance for your valuable input. We understand that a prior Board attempted to modify the documents some years ago. Unfortunately, there was a concern that in doing so, Owners would be allowing the Board to adopt all manner of rules that would be unwanted by Owners. Unfortunately, the result is that we are currently unable to provide Owners with the very things they do want. 

Please know that Board members are your neighbors who must also live with any decisions made … and few of us want onerous rules or requirements that we hear of within other communities. Accordingly, each home has a vote and should carefully vote for the individuals to serve on the Board each year who best meet your idea of what you want your community to be. 

Thank you for taking this survey – your opinion is of the highest value to us. The survey is fillable online. After completing your survey, please save it and EMAIL YOUR SURVEY TO: Lreynolds@Gocampmgmt.complease put “SURVEY” in the subject line. The results of the survey will be provided to owners. 

We would appreciate your quick attention to this survey so that the Board can make the appropriate decisions on your behalf. Please provide any additional comments per issue as well. 

Sincerely, The Amberleigh Board of Directors September 28,2020