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Amberleigh News


Hi neighbors!

As fall turns to winter, it may seem as if there’s less going on in Amberleigh as we spend more time inside but despite the change in the weather, our community and the Homeowners’ Association Board of Directors is still meeting and conducting business for us. The 2021 budget has been approved; HOA fees will remain $300 per quarter.  Coupon booklets will be mailed out in the coming weeks or you may make your payments electronically.

The 2021 officers are:

President—Mike Jones

Vice President—John McMahon

Secretary – Bryan Adams

Treasurer – Joe McCormack

Board member at large: Meg Ver Straten


  • The results of the homeowners’ survey which closed Nov. 17 are posted on the Amberleigh website ( That feedback will guide the board on what issues are most important to our community and deserving of extra attention in the coming year as they consider undertaking revising our governing documents.


  • Trimming and removal of dead/dangerous trees has begun!


  • Keep your eyes open, neighbors! The Kingstowne area (including Amberleigh) has seen a recent uptick in car break ins.  What can you do?  Please be sure to lock your cars and don’t leave any valuables visible especially during the holiday season.  Keep those porch lights on and lampposts in good working order to deter criminal activity.  Report break ins and suspicious activities to the police.


  • In anticipation of winter weather, barrels of sand will be placed in the hilly portions of our community so that homeowners may spread it in parking areas as needed.


  • When winter winds are howling, please be sure to secure your trash and recycling materials. No one wants to see our streets and lawns littered with those items.