Thursday, July 26, 2018 Franconia Moose Lodge

Minutes Greg Melenchen, Mike Jones, Linda Esah, John McMahon, and Meg Ver Straten were in attendance. Joe McCormack was absent. Lisa Puma, Concierge and Lana Reynolds of CAMP were present.

1. The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm

2. Owner’s Forum a. Owners from Sunburst and Lockleigh were present. i. One owner concerned about communication strategy used for the asphalt replacement. Noted there was no sign warning of the asphalt work at the Windridge entrance to Amberleigh. ii. Another owner had their cars towed due to the asphalt work while they were out of town. Desires more communication from the board outside of signage and social media posts. When signs are put out, suggests “Amberleigh” is on the sign. iii. The Board noted that for previous asphalt work, the contractors had placed the flyers on more homes than would be affected. So the board has opted to not trust the contractor to do that. iv. The Board will consider utilizing other communication methods in order to reach more homeowners.

3. Action Item: May 2018 Meeting Minutes a. John McMahon moved to approve the minutes and Linda Esah seconded. The motion was approved unanimously.

4. Action Item: Change Website Capability and Facebook Policy a. Greg moved to disable comments on Facebook page and Linda Esah seconded. The motion passed with all voting for it and John McMahon abstaining. b. Notes: i. Homeowners can still contact the board by going to the Contact page on the website or by clicking to “Send Message” on the Facebook page.

5. Action Item: Shenandoah Landscape Reseeding Proposal a. No motions were made.

6. Committee Reports: a. Architectural Compliance/Modification: Mike Jones, Chair, Meg Ver Straten, and AJ Shed. i. No Report. b. Communications Committee: Joe McCormack, co-Chair, John McMahon, co-Chair, and Linda Esah.
i. The committee was contacted by an owner after the Annual Meeting to submit
postings in the Beulah Corridor.
ii. The committee held a meeting in June.
c. Social/Activities Committee: Meg Ver Straten, Chair.
i. Needs Volunteers for National Night Out on August 6th.
d. Grounds/Tree Committee: Greg Melenchen, Chair, and John McMahon
i. No Report.
e. Rules Review Committee: Mike Jones, Chair, and John McMahon
i. No Report.

7. Management Report Additional, if any: Lana Reynolds, CAMP and Lisa Puma, Concierge
a. August Board Meeting moved to August 23rd from August 30th.

8. Executive Session – There was a Executive Session to discuss the request to reimburse
homeowner for the cost of car being towed due to asphalt work.

9. Action Item: Owner Request for Tow Reimbursement
a. Mike Jones moved and Greg Melenchen seconded to approve the contract to commence
repair work on the tennis court. The motion passed unanimously.

10. Action Item: Birchleigh Tree Restoration
a. Greg Melenchen motioned and Linda Esah seconded to authorize Greg Melenchen to
finalize with Shenandoah the cost of restoring common area trees taken down by
homeowner without Board approval. The motion passed unanimously.

11. Adjournment – The Board adjourned at 9:10 p.m.
a. John McMahon moved to adjourn the meeting and Linda Esah seconded. The motion was
approved unanimously.