Amberleigh HOA Board Minutes 5/24/2018

Amberleigh HOA Board Minutes 5/24/2018

Amberleigh HOA Board Minutes 5/24/2018

2018-05-24 Amberleigh HOA Board Minutes


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Thursday, May 24, 2018 Franconia Moose Lodge Minutes Mike Jones, Meg Ver Straten, John McMahon, and Greg Melenchen were in attendance. Linda Esah joined telephonically. Joe McCormack was absent. Lisa Puma, Concierge and Lana Reynolds of CAMP were present.

1. The meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm

2. Owner’s Forum a. No owners were present for forum. b. John McMahon brought up a question of commercial vehicles blocking buses on Birchleigh. The Board stated that the HOA cannot tow vehicles on VDOT roads.

3. Action Item: April 2018 Meeting Minutes a. Greg Melenchen moved to approve the minutes and John McMahon seconded. The motion was approved unanimously.

4. Action Item: Investment Strategies a. Mike Jones moved to approve the investment strategies recommended by Merrill Lynch. Linda Esah seconded. The motion was approved unanimously. b. Notes: i. Proposed percentage allocation, $200,000 plus $25,000 to preferred deposit account. ii. The $25,000 moved from an account standing at $317,000 in cash from Merrill Lynch.

5. Action Item: Contract for Asphalt Repairs a. Greg Melenchen moved to approve and Linda Esah seconded. The motion was approved unanimously.

6. Action Item: 6622 Rockleigh Way – Request for Replacement Trees a. No motions were made. b. Owner will be financially responsible for the cleanup at the HOA’s direction by a company of the Board’s choosing. HOA will solicit letters from legal counsel concerning payment agreement. Upon advice from an arborist/engineer, the Board will devise a plan for restoration. c. The Board will review the history of the previous project behind 6622 Rockleigh and inform homeowner of our findings.

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7. Action Item: Address Items of Tree List a. John McMahon motioned and Greg Melenchen seconded to approve the removing of only the trees on the list (not the stump) and to negotiate a better price from Shenandoah. b. Note: The stump was not approved as Greg recommended we identify or wait for other stumps that need to be removed in order to maximize the cost of bringing out the equipment to grind the stumps.

8. Committee Reports: a. Architectural Compliance/Modification: Mike Jones, Chair, Meg Ver Straten, and AJ Shed. i. No Report. b. Communications Committee: Joe McCormack, co-Chair, John McMahon, co-Chair, and Linda Esah. i. No Report. ii. The committee had trouble planning a meeting for the month of May due to the Board meeting shifting from May 31st to May 17th until finally resting on May 24th. Therefore, we pushed our committee meeting to June 20th. c. Social/Activities Committee: Meg Ver Straten, Chair. i. No Report. ii. There will likely be another Yard Sale in the Fall of 2018. d. Grounds/Tree Committee: Greg Melenchen, Chair, and John McMahon i. No Report. ii. Will review the erosion engineer’s report. e. Rules Review Committee: Mike Jones, Chair, and John McMahon i. No Report.

9. Ad Hoc Committee Reports: a. Nominations Committee: Mike Jones, Chair, Greg Melenchen, and Linda Esah.

10. Management Report Additional, if any: Lana Reynolds, CAMP and Lisa Puma, Concierge

11. Executive Session a. John McMahon motioned to enter Executive Session and Meg Ver Straten seconded. b. John McMahon motioned to exit Executive Session and Mike Jones seconded.

12. Adjournment – The Board adjourned at 9:20 p.m. a. Greg Melenchen motioned to adjourned the meeting and John McMahon seconded.